Computer Donations

Computer donations are what power our mission and drive our organization. Our donors make our vision a reality, and we consider them as much as a part of the team as ourselves.  

We are currently preparing for our first computer giveaway event as The Shore Foundation. The event will take place on Monday, May 14th, at 1 Mustard Street, Rochester, NY. We will be working with partners from the Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection (HW-SC) program, a nationally recognized youth development program that seeks to help at-risk secondary school students earn their high school diploma and prepare for life after graduation.

We have identified Rochester, NY, as a location that can benefit immensely from our refurbished computer donations. As many human service programs and job services require computer access, students who do not have a computer and internet access at home are at a disadvantage for job procurement and retention. It has also been shown that technology, when implemented properly, can produce significant gains in student achievement and improve engagement. We want to provide these students with the tools they need to be competitive in their life while in school and after graduation. Most importantly, we want to empower our recipients with the confidence they need to achieve success.

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