Our Process

Interested in our computer refurbishment process? Take a look at how we do things at The Shore Foundation.

Incoming Donations

First, we receive a donation which can be laptops, desktops, keyboards, mice, monitors, cables, networking equipment, etc. Then you (the donor) are given an itemized tax receipt for your donation, and you walk away knowing that you helped to enhance the lives of those in your community.

Cleaning and Inspection

The computers and accessories are physically cleaned both inside and out. This helps us identify computers or hardware that may have internal problems and also extends the lifetime of the machines. Computers that are repairable are fixed at this point and the ones that are not are stored for future spare parts.



Computers, peripherals, and other accessories are inventoried and computers are given a custom Shore Foundation asset tag so we can keep track of them throughout the entire process.

Data Erasure

Donors’ personal and organizational data is something that we take very seriously at The Shore Foundation, which is why we pay for a service called Blancco. Blancco is a highly trusted resource for data destruction, and it automatically generates a certificate of destruction upon completion. We currently use the NIST 800-88 Purge - ATA standard for data destruction. However, upon request, there are plenty of other options that we are able to use. For more information, please take a look at the other available options that may better suit your needs:


We send digital copies of the certificates of destruction back to the donor upon completion.

Software Installation

Now that all of the data has been removed from the device, it’s time to get the computer ready for donation. We download and install a pre-configured Windows 10 image. This Windows image contains essential and useful programs that allow the recipient to be productive even when not connected to the internet. We also install free antivirus software for increased computer security. These pre-installed programs currently include:

  • Open Office

  • Adobe PDF Reader

  • Kiwix (Offline Wikipedia/ Database Viewer)

  • MalwareBytes

  • 7Zip

It is very important to us that we do not donate illegitimate software, that is why we became a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher. Our partnership with Microsoft allows us to purchase discounted licenses that we assign to each recipient who qualifies for a donation. A product key and Certificate of Authenticity pair is registered to each recipient and a physical sticker is placed on the machine.

Outbound Donations

Finally, it is time to let our precious computer go off into the big world. Upon donation, the recipient will receive the computer, keyboard, mouse, monitor, and any cables or additional accessories needed to properly operate the device. They will also be supplied with a valid Windows product key.